Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA)

Oventic HouseThe trade in manufactured goods in the WTO is referred to as Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA). Essentially this means trade in other physical goods that are not agriculture, mostly manufactured goods.

Negotiations in the WTO Doha round over manufactured goods have been as contentious as the negotiations in agriculture. The key issue relates to the levels of tariff cuts required for developing countries.

Support the ActionAid #PayYourWorkers campaign for garment industry workers

April 28, 2021: April 24 was the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, when an eight-storey garment factory complex collapsed, killing more than 1,000 people and injuring another 2,500 workers, almost all women and girls.

It’s a reminder of the unsafe conditions endured by garment workers globally – mainly women. Eight years on, women garment workers are still campaigning for their rights.

So this week, ActionAid launched its #PayYourWorkers campaign for Nike to pay its workers everywhere properly, including at Violet Apparel in Cambodia.

And COVID-19 has made their situation worse.

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