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TPPA Petition to House of Representatives:

AFTINET has commenced a petition to the Commonwealth Parliament House of Representatives about the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement currently being negotiated by the US, Australia New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The petition asks the House of Representatives not to support any agreement which would undermine the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and charge higher prices for medicines, give special rights for corporations to sue governments, remove labeling of genetically modified food, undermine local jobs and fair employment conditions for government contracts, or weaken policies for Australian content in film, television and digital media. It also asks the House of Representatives to support the inclusion of enforceable labour rights and environmental protections in the agreement, and to support publication of the text of the agreement for public and parliamentary debate before it is ratified.

Please note that the rules for Parliamentary petitions mean that the words of the petition must appear above all signatures, and that blank forms containing only signatures are not valid. In addition faxed or copied signatures are also not accepted under parliamentary rules, so it is important to return the original signed petition pages.

We are asking you to distribute multiple copies of  the petition to your networks as soon as possible and ask them to collect signatures and return the original signed copies by post to the AFTINET address on the form by September 9, 2011.

AFTINET intends to present the petition to parliament imeadiately after the negotiating round in Chicago scheduled for September 6th-14th, 2011.

You can download the petition by following the link at the bottom of this page.

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