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This page brings together media reports and resources specifically on the health impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.


Updated chart on US proposals which impact on Health and medicines - March 2012: on US TPPA Proposal Australian Law and Access to Medicines March2012.pdf

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS): the threat to health, environment and other social regulation.(Paper presented at the Stakeholders Forum, eighth round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, September 10, 2011, Chicago, USA.)

Community Education Leaflet: On 17th February AFTINET released an updated version of our community education leaflet on Health issues in the TPPA. For a copy of the leaflet follow this link.

Follow this link to download a chart outlining the US proposals.

Health Issues Letter to Australian Trade Minister, Dr Emerson.

Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontiers: Issues Paper on the TPPA:

Copy of Leaked US Text on Intellectual Property Rights is available from:

Media Reports:

Media Releases:

11 November 2011 - Pacific Trade Pact misses APEC deadline as community groups slam US proposals on medicines and corporate rights - For a full copy of the media release follow this link.

25 October 2011 - AFTINET & PHAA Joint Media Release - United States Undermines Access To Medicines in Australia & Pacific.

31 August 2011 - AFTINET TPPA Health Impacts Media Release.

Media Reports on Melbourne Round of Negotiations:

The Conversation: 20 March 2012, 6.15am AEST.
Australia should defend neighbours in Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations - by Dr Deborah Gleeson.

ABC Radio Australia: 9 March 2012, 22:51.
TPP Negotiators say FTA won’t harm healthcare – host Karon Snowden

The Conversation: 8 March 2012, 3.00pm AEST.
Why Australia’s medicine cabinet is almost bare – by Simon Quilty

Australian Doctor: 6 March 2012.
Fear of drug price hikes with trade plans - by Alex Hayes

Community Radio "The Wire": 6 March 2012
ISDS, tobacco plain packaging and access to medicines – host Melissa Lahoud.

ABC Radio National Breakfast show: 6 March 2012.
US pressuring Pacific countries to agree to intellectual property policies which could restrict access to generic drugs

Canberra Times (oped): 5 March 2012.
Australia must fight for cheap life-saving medicines – by Kelly Nicholls

SBS Radio World News Program: 5 March 2012.
Concern over trade agreement effects on medicines – by Murray Silby

The Age: 3 March 2012.
Dr David Legge’s letter on TPP to The Age:

ABC Radio The World Today: 1 March 2012, 18:00.
PM urged to block US on intellectual property rights – by Eleanor Hall

Medical Search: 1 March 2012
NGOs call on govt to prioritise access to generic drugs - by Public Health Association of Australia.

Medical Journal of Australia, 196: 1-3.
Challenges to Australia's national health policy from trade and investment agreements - by Gleeson D, Tienhaara K and Faunce T (2012)

ABC Radio, World Today: 1 March 2012.
PM Urged to block US on intellectual property rights – host Eleanor Hall, reporter Anna MacDonald interviews Rob Lake about criticisms of the TPPA because of its threat to affordable medicine for people with HIV / Aids.

Sydney Morning Herald – 25 February 2012.
Health groups gasp over tobacco show plans - by Mark Metherell 

Media on Leaked US Intellectual Property Rights Text:

Opinion Piece, 26/10/2011, on leaked US IP proposals impacting on access to Medicines and Health:

or if you don't subscribe to Crikey follow this link:

Also now on the Croakey Blog site:

TPPA Plain Packaging Media Reports:

Media Report, 16/09/2011, on Australian Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, attendance at the UN summit on Chronic Diseases, from Sydney Morning Herald:

Speech, 19/09/2011, by Australian Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, attendance at the UN summit on Chronic Deceases, from Minister of Health website:$File/nr189.pdf 

Media Reports resulting from the Launch on 1st September 2011 of AFTINET's "Don't Trade Away health" leaflet:

New trade agreement threatens Australia’s laws on medicines and tobacco

Patent talks lift fear of drugs price rise

TPPA Chicago Negotiating Round Health Media Reports:

Media Release, 08/09/2011, from medicines Sans Frontier and Doctors without Borders:

Media Report, 12/09/2011, on New Zealand US Council views in National Business Review (New Zealand):

Media Report, 12/09/2011, on US White paper on Medicines from AAP:

Media Report, 12/09/2011, on the threat to generic medicines from the TPPA, from News Medical:

Media Report, 12/09/2011, on calls from health groups to ban both alcohol and tobacco from the TPPA from New Zealand Herald:

Media Report, 13/09/2011, from New Zealand Union – the National Distribution Union on US White Paper on Medicines from Yahoo News:

Media Report, 13/09/2011, on International Civil Society views of US White Paper on Medicines from Voxy (New Zealand):

Media Release, 13/09/2011, by Dr Jane Kelsey on US White Paper on Medicines from Scoop (New Zealand):

Media Report, 13/09/2011, on US White Paper on Medicines from Trading Room:

Media Report, 13/09/2011, on US White Paper on Medicines from New Zealand Herald:

Blog Piece, 13/09/2011, by Rashmi Rangnath asking if the stakeholder meetings in Chicago were simply lip service:

Commentary, 14/09/2011, on US White Paper on Medicines from Intellectual Property Watch (IP-Watch):

Media Report, 14/09/2011, on current state of negotiations from the perspective of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions from Voxy (New Zealand):

Media Release, 14/09/2011, from the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions from Business Scoop (New Zealand):

Media report, 14/09/2011, on US delays in presenting text on sensitive topics in the TPPA from Reuters:

Media Opinion Piece, 15/09/2011, on the risks to health from trade agreements by Dr David Legge and Dr Deborah Gleeson in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Blog Piece, 15/09/2011, by Sharon Treat asking why the US is negotiating to reduce access to affordable medicines:

Blog Piece, 16/09/2011, by Dr Deborah Gleeson about undermining access to medicines in trade negotiations:

Media Report, 16/09/2011, on Health group opposition to threats posed in the TPPA on tobacco and medicines from the Centre fro Policy Development:

Media Report, 16/09/2011, on the conclusion of the TPPA negotiations in Chicago and the controversial aspects from Progress Illinois:  

Corporate opinion piece, 18/09/2011, from big pharma in support of the USTR’s white paper on access to medicines from Securing Pharma:

Media Report, 19/09/2011, about Malaysian Health Minister on Malaysia’s opposition to delays in access to Generic Drugs at the UN summit on Chronic Deceases, from Liow Tiong Lai:

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