Links to videos of AFTINET 20th Birthday Celebration

In case you missed our online 20th Birthday Party on Thursday September 17, 2020.

We had lots of positive messages that it was a great celebration of our collective efforts for trade justice.

Please feel free to share. through the links below.









Here are the links to the different segments of the event, plus a selection of the chat comments.

The 15 minute video of AFTINET – 20 Years Fighting for Trade Justice

The 5 minute video of Anniversary Greetings to AFTINET from Key Allies, including ACTU President Michele O’Neil and ITUC President Sharon Burrow

The 8 minute video speech of Lee Rhiannon, former Aid/Watch Activist, and former Greens Senator

The 7 minute speech of Doug Cameron, former National Secretary of the Australian manufacturing Workers Union, and former Labor Senator

The 6 minute Toast moved by Dr Patricia Ranald, AFTINET Convenor.

Selection of the Chat comments from the event.

You can top off the celebration with a  birthday donation to AFTINET and/or purchase the 20th Anniversary AFTINET  cloth posters or T-Towels with the Wilcox and Tandberg cartoons!