PACER Plus or PACER minus? AFTINET interview with Dateline Pacific

October 5, 2017: Is PACER Plus agreement a good deal for all parties? And why didn't Fiji and PNG sign it? 

AFTINET recently spoke to Dateline Pacific about the implications of the deal, and whether it is skewed towards Australia and New Zealand’s interests to the detriment of other parties.

"Together they represent about 80% of the combined GDP of Pacific Island economies without Australia and New Zealand. So the reason why they haven't signed it is because they don't think the deal is good for their economies," Patricia Ranald from the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said.

Other interviewees including Dr lati lati from the University of Otago, Professor Jane Kelsey from the University of Auckland and Adam Wolfenden from the Pacific Network on Globalisation, discussed the issue of customary land rights and the secretive nature of the deal. 

Professor Kelsey said, "In the services and investment part of PACER plus there are obligations not to put obstacles in the way of investors… and one of those obstacles obviously is land."