What Australia can do to help lift COVID-19 monopolies at the WTO

June 16, 2022: As the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meets this week to decide on lifting patent monopolies over COVID19 medicines, public health experts have written an analysis in Croakey Health Media examining how Australia could support a meaningful outcome at the WTO.

Belinda Townsend, Brigitte Tenni, and Deborah Gleeson argue that the new Labor government has the chance to go beyond the ambiguous stance taken by the previous government:

“Australia’s newly elected ALP Government ran on an election platform that included commitments to expand Australia’s vaccine and domestic pharmaceutical industry supply to keep Australia healthy. In order to achieve this, the Government must support increased regional production and supply to ensure healthy neighbours and resist unworkable and restrictive proposals [at the WTO].”

“The Australian Government should support low- and middle-income country calls for mechanisms that do away with monopoly barriers to the local production, import and export of COVID-19 vaccines and products.”

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