Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Key business group whacks the TPP: Peter Martin

18 October 2016: Australia's biggest business organisation was highly critical of the TPP at a parliamentary hearing yesterday. Rather than facilitate trade, the ACCI expressed concerns that it could actually make trade more complex, adding to the noodle bowl of complex trading terms that business has to navigate. This would further complicate compliance and costs for business. Read the full article here.

TPP not in the public interest, community groups tell Canberra cross-party forum

Media Release, October 11, 2016: Fair trade groups, public health groups and unions will argue that the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is not in the public interest, and that its implementing legislation should be blocked by the Senate, at a forum hosted by ALP MP Josh Wilson, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Senator Nick Xenophon. 

Melbourne says NO to the TPP

7 October 2016: Unions, environment groups and AFTNET supporters rallied in Melbourne today against the TPP outside of the national parliamentary inquiry hearings being held around the country. The rally followed other recent protests in Sydney and Perth.

Protesters called for Labor, the Greens and the Nick Xenophon team to #BlockTheTPP in the Senate, where the Government does not have a majority.