TPPA Campaign: Fair Deal or No Deal!

Fair Deal or No Deal!


Send the Minister for Trade and the Opposition Trade Spokesperson a message, or ask your local MP.

As pressure mounts to finish the Trans-Pacific (TPPA) trade negotiations, email Richard Marles and Julie Bishop directly to tell them your concerns about the TPPA and its corporate-influenced agenda.

Send an email to the Opposition Trade Spokesperson

Ask questions about the TPPA at a candidates’ meeting or at a meeting with your MP.

What you can do in the TPPA Campaign:

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  • Download or order copies of our leaflet and distribute them in your local area
  • Send a message to the Trade Minister or your local MP telling them they need to reject free trade based on corporate influences agendas and demand a policy of fair trade instead

TPPA resources, including important websites, documents, an audio and video files are available on our TPPA resources page

AFTINET Community Education Leaflets:

Download and distribute our leaflets, or contact us for bulk orders:

Copy of Community Education Leaflet - "Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Don't Trade Away Health". (UPDATED - FEB 2012)

Copy of Community Education Leaflet - "Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement: Workers' Right, not Corporate Rights" .