Inform your vote with our Trade Justice Policy Election Scorecard

April 26, 2022: As voters, we deserve to know where Australia’s parties and politicians stand on issues of trade justice – because how our parliamentary representatives vote on trade can have major impacts on human rights, workers’ rights, and environmental sustainability.

To help our members and supporters understand the policy differences between the parties, we’ve prepared our 2022 Trade Justice Policy Scorecard.

To bring together our Trade Justice Policy Scorecard, we took a fine-tooth comb through the policy positions of the main parliamentary parties. We looked at policy statements, media releases, and voting record of the Liberal-National Party, the Australian Labor Party, The Australian Greens, and the Centre Alliance.

In the scorecard, we analyse their position on ten key issues of trade justice – from trade transparency to investor rights to sue governments, and from their position on a WTO waiver on COVID19 patent monopolies to the inclusion of enforceable labour rights in trade deals.

Download the scorecard!

To help raise awareness on where our representatives stand on trade policy, please share the scorecard with your friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook  – the more people know about how trade deals impact their communities, the better we can argue for reform in the next term of parliament!

We hope you find our scorecard useful, and we hope that trade justice informs your vote!

Authorised by Patricia Ranald on behalf of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network, 7/321 Pitt St, Sydney.