Trade in Services - TISA

TISA leaks show less regulation of child care, aged care, financial services

June 4, 2015: Philip Dorling reports in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age and other Fairfax papers that leaked documents from the Trade in Services  (TiSA) negotiations  reveal that  Australia is pushing for extensive international financial deregulation and reductions in government regulation of qualifications, licensing and technical standards in all services, including human services like child care and aged care. This could prevent future attempts to improve staffing and service quality. Read more here

AFTINET Submission to DFAT on Trade in Services

AFTINET made a public submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade about negotiations on trade in services in March 2013. The submission details our concerns about lack of transparency, the impacts of the agreement on developing countries and our recommendation that the Australian Government and other governments retain the right to provide and fund public services, and to regulate all services in the public interest.