Trade in Services - TISA

Free trade agreements threaten quality of public education: unions

2 June 2016
The National Tertiary Education Union, Australian Education Union and Independent Education Union last week wrote to the Coalition’s Trade Minister Steve Ciobo arguing that various free trade agreements would open the floodgates to private for-profit education and education services providers, potentially undermining the quality of services from domestic public providers, the Australian reports today.

Leaked Trade in Services proposals would restrict regulation in the public interest

Media Release, May 26, 2016: Wikileaks has released the most updated draft texts on the proposed Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)[i]on three new annexes: State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs); Professional Services, and New Provisions Applicable to All Services.

The TISA is currently being negotiated among 50 mostly industrialised and service-exporting countries including Australia, the US, 23 EU countries, Japan and Korea.

Download the full media release here.