Ask your candidates where they stand on the TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) implementing legislation will be voted on in the Australian Parliament after the election – but many candidates have not yet made their positions clear.

Ask your MP or Senators to take a stand and publicly commit to voting against the TPP.

You can use our online form to send the message to your MP and Senators now. 

It only takes a couple of minutes and could have a big impact.

Want to do more? You can also:

1. Contact candidates in your area or attend a local event​: 
Help make the TPP an election issue by attending local candidates events or meetings in your area or contacting candidates directly. Here are some points you can make.

2. Send a Twitter message to Labor’s trade spokesperson, Penny Wong
If you have a Twitter account, you can ask the ALP to vote no to the TPP in Parliament. Here’s a Tweet you can send Penny Wong:
Hi @SenatorWong. Thanks for the ALP’s positive trade policy. Given the #TPP contradicts it, will the ALP vote against it in Parliament?

3. Write to your local paper or call talkback radio​

This is a great way to raise awareness in your community and put the pressure on local candidates to take a stand against the TPP. See our suggested talking points here.

4. Join AFTINET! 
We're a network of organisations and individuals representing around two million Australians. The stronger our numbers, the greater power we have! Plus, your small annual membership fee will go directly towards supporting our campaigns. Join here

5. Spread the word 
Help raise awareness by liking AFTINET on Facebook, following us on Twitter and sharing our updates. You can also download and distribute our latest leaflet Crunch time in Parliament

6. Find out more
Stay informed! You can read a short summary of the main issues in the TPP here and our more detailed analysis here