Tell your candidates to end trade secrecy!

As a voter, you deserve to know about the impacts of Australia’s secretive trade deals on your community. But previous governments have tried to hide the true cost of trade agreements from you and the parliament.

Trade deals are negotiated in secret, we don’t see them until after they are signed, and there is no independent assessment of their costs and benefits. Parliament only votes on the enabling legislation, not on the whole agreement.

This means that trade deals are signed without any assessment of possible negative impacts on employment, essential services and the environment.

This election, it’s time to say enough – no more trade secrecy!

This election, you can ask your candidates to end trade secrecy and to ensure all trade deals are independently assessed to reveal their true economic, social and environmental cost.

Write to your candidate!

Write to your candidates today! Tell them to stop the shadowy negotiations that trade away our rights.

P.S. Are you attending a local forum with your candidates? You can download an activist toolkit of questions and resources here.

Authorised by Patricia Ranald on behalf of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network, 7/321 Pitt St, Sydney.