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Make a submission to the TPP Senate inquiry

The Senate inquiry into the TPP is now calling for submissions: this is an opportunity to make your voice is heard in the Senate, where Labor, the Greens and NXT have a majority and could block the TPP’s implementing legislation.

Your submission doesn’t have to be long, but it should be in your own words. Read on for some points you can make. You can also visit or phone your local MP or Senator.

Lives on the line: online RCEP forum with MSF and AFTINET

October 19, 2016: The RCEP is an even bigger trade deal than the TPP with the same dangerous proposals. So what exactly is the RCEP and what could it mean for access to lifesaving medicines in the Asia Pacific?

AFTINET and MSF held an interactive online forum to discuss mega trade deals, corporate power and access to medicines. Watch the forum here and join the discussion on our Facebook page.


All members and supporters are invited to our annual AGM at 5.30pm Wednesday, November 9 at the Finance Sector Union on Pitt St in Sydney. Special guest speaker Kyla Tienhaara has recently returned from the US and will speak on ISDS, the TPP and the US election.

Unions say TPP destroys jobs, deepens inequality, increases health costs

18 October 2016: Unions called for the TPP to be rejected at a parliamentary hearing on Monday, citing an independent analysis showing it could destroy 39,000 jobs by 2025.

ACTU's director of policy Belinda Tkalcevic said: The TPP is a toxic combination of more power to multinationals ahead of democracy and globalisation ahead of Australian workers.

Key business group whacks the TPP: Peter Martin

18 October 2016: Australia's biggest business organisation was highly critical of the TPP at a parliamentary hearing yesterday. Rather than facilitate trade, the ACCI expressed concerns that it could actually make trade more complex, adding to the noodle bowl of complex trading terms that business has to navigate. This would further complicate compliance and costs for business. Read the full article here.

Public health groups condemn stronger medicine monopolies as RCEP talks continue

MEDIA RELEASE, 18 October 2016: Ninety-four public health and other community groups from 12 countries have condemned proposals for the inclusion of stronger medicine monopolies in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) as secret negotiations continue this week in China.

The open letter to RCEP governments is available here.

No winners in El Salvador vs Pacific Rim case

October 15, 2016: After seven years of arbitration the ISDS case brought by mining company Pacific Rim against El Salvador has been found without merit, meaning the country will not have to pay the $250 million sought by the company.

However, as the International Allies Against Mining in El Salvador point out in their press release, there are no real winners. Although the case was decided in El Salvador’s favour, the country had to spend over $12 million to defend a case, which was brought despite the mining company having never fulfilled all the legal or environmental requirements for a mining license.