Pfizer refuses to share vaccine knowledge as it announces $US36 billion in vaccine revenue

December 1, 2021: While rich countries like Australia are reaching 80% or more double vaccination rates, less than 5% of people in many low income countries have received COVID-19 vaccines. Millions are dying while new more infectious strains of the virus like Omicron develop, reports AFTINET Convenor Patricia Ranald in Michael West Media.

This vaccine inequity is partly caused by World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules for 20-year monopolies on patents and other intellectual property for COVID-19 vaccines. A handful of companies like Pfizer, which received public funding to fast-track development of vaccines, control the quantities and price. Rich countries have been first in line while millions are still dying low-income countries. Pfizer and others are refusing to share their vaccines knowledge to enable expansion of production in developing countries. Pfizer has announced US $36 billion in vaccine revenue this year.