Petition to stop Oceana Gold mining company suing El Salvador

 Canadian-Australian mining company OceanaGold is suing the El Salvador government  for $US 301 million before a World Bank tribunal. because it refused a permit for  a gold mine that would contaminate 60 per cent of the population's drinking water. The original case used foreign investor rights to sue governments (ISDS) in a trade agreement.

Despite demonstrations and bad publicity, OceanaGold  has repeatedly refused to listen to public pressure and drop its lawsuit.  OceanaGold only listens to money -- which is where its second biggest investor, AMP, comes in.

If we pressure its investors, OceanaGold will be forced to listen. AMP, which clams to be an ethical investor,  must demand that  OceanaGold  drop its law suit against El Salvador for protecting its drinking water from pollution

.Sign the petition to ask AMP to demand OceanaGold to drop the lawsuit against El Salvador