Pacific Islands Trade Agreement

Human rights and trade in the Pacific: A paper on designing a Human Rights Impact Assessment for PACER-Plus

IWDA is working with researchers from La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne to undertake a collaborative and innovative desk-research project to identify the appropriateness and potential structure of a gendered Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) for the PACER-Plus trade agreement.

UPDATE: August 2010 - PACER-Plus - Call to Suspend Talks

Pacific civil society has called for the PACER-Plus talks to be suspended pending promised national consultations being undertaken; funding and adequate staffing for the office of the Chief Trade Advisor; an easing of the impacts and an evaluation of the of the global financial crisis; alternative trade options are examined; there is a guarantee to exclude comprehensive services and investment chapters; there is a delinking of the labour mobility program; adequate funding and training is provided for capacity building of local trade officials and key stakeholders; a human rights and gender

Trade and Health Forum Update - Outcomes and Reports available

In Melbourne and Sydney this year the People Health Movement has conducted forums on PACER-Plus and the impact of trade on health. The following link is to the reports and outcomes of both forums on "Health and Trade in the Pacific: PACER-Plus - should we be worried?" from the People's Health Movement website.

The website contains other reports related to the Health implications of PACER-Plus.


The Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations - Plus (PACER-Plus) is a proposed regional free trade agreement between Australia, New Zealand and 14 Pacific Island Countries. Many of these are small vulnerable economies facing problems like rising sea levels resulting from climate change. Any regional free trade agreement that covers trade in goods, services and foreign investment needs detailed research on different sectors and industries that will be affected by greater trade liberalisation – yet very few studies have looked at the effect of PACER-Plus on specific industries. AFTINET calls on the Australian government to focus its resources on development in the Pacific Islands rather than trade negotiations.

Download our leaflet: PACER-Plus: Development or Free Trade in the Pacific Islands? (Updated November 2013)