Pacific Islands Trade Agreement

Australia wants to finish PACER- plus talks with or without Fiji

February 1, 2017: Fiji broadcasting Corporation reports thatAustralian Assistant Trade Minister Pitt said that Australia wants to conclude the PACER- plus negotiations as soon as possible this year.

PNG has confirmed it will not be involved.  Mister Pitt said that Australia would be pleased if Fiji was a founding member but after eight years it wanted to complete the talks.

Sign the petition supporting a PACER social impact statement

12 August 2016

Pacific Island advocacy group PANG recently published their report "Defending Pacific Ways of Life: A Peoples Social Impact Assessment of PACER-Plus". Since then, PANG reports that 47 organisations, including AFTINET, have endorsed this report and demanded the release of all PACER-plus texts and for no decision to be made until a fully funded and independent social impact assessment can take place.

PANG is now calling for individuals to sign their endorsement of this report via their petition by August 19.