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AFTINET RCEP second submission September 2015

September 2015: RCEP negotiations between Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea, India and 10  ASEAN countries are now considering proposals for stronger monopolies on medicines and for foreign investor rights to sue governments over changes to domestic legislation, and aiming to finish the negotiations in 2016, AFTINET has done a second submission which addresses these issues in more detail.

TPP last ditch talks: Turnbull should refuse shameful trade-offs on medicines, investor rights

MEDIA RELEASE, September 24, 2015

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiators are meeting from September 26 ahead of a TPP Trade Ministers meeting from September 30 in Atlanta, Georgia in a desperate final attempt to reach a deal this year, AFTINET has sought a meeting with Prime Minister Turnbull to advocate that Australia should not agree to stronger monopolies on biologic medicines, draconian copyright rules on the Internet and to foreign investor rights to sue governments for damages over domestic legislation (ISDS).