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Record numbers of TPP submissions to inquiry show community concern

6 April 2016

The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Inquiry into the TPP received a record number of 175 substantial submissions, most of which are critical of the deal. These can be found on the JSCOT website here. 

The inquiry also received over 11,000 critical messages, which have not yet been registered on the website. These record numbers reflect the strong community criticism and opposition to the TPP 

Read AFTINET’s submission here

Huffington Post: We’ve Had Enough With Failed Trade Policies

April 4 2016

It's no surprise to actor and climate change activist Mark Ruffalo that the United States' trade policy has become such a huge transpartisan issue during the US elections.

"I grew up in a working class family in Kenosha, Wisconsin. So I know why Americans have had enough of shiny promises, job-killing trade deals, and Wall Street bailouts that propel ordinary people into an economic nose dive," he writes for the Huffington Post.

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