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TPP Taking People’s Power Away: Kelvin Thomson

20 May 2016

Speaking at AFTINET’s Annual Trade Justice Dinner earlier this week outgoing Labor MP and deputy chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT), Kelvin Thomson, said that the public is entitled to conclude that the TPP has three strikes – the ISDS attack on sovereignty, the extension of biologic medicine monopolies and the increased numbers of temporary workers who can be exploited. Three strikes and you're out, he said.

US TPP economic report will increase US opposition

May 19, 2016: "The official U.S. International Trade Commission report released today on the impact of the  TPP on the US economy has predicted a tiny GDP increase of only 0.15 percent after 15 years. This will increase the strong US bipartisan Congressional opposition to the TPP and make it even less likely that the implementing legislation will be considered by Congress before the US election in November,"  Dr Patricia Ranald, AFTINET Convener said today.

We took on big tobacco and won - but ISDS remains a threat to public health

18 May 2016

Documents unsealed this week show how Philip Morris lost its ISDS case against Australia over tobacco plain packaging.

Peter Martin explains that the tribunal found that Philip Morris had moved its Australian and Asian headquarters to Hong Kong for the express purpose of making the claim, and that this was an "abuse of rights". 

The fact that Australia won the case does not mean that ISDS provisions are not a threat to public health. Dr Deborah Gleeson told Fairfax Media:

"If we ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership transnational corporations based in the United States will gain an avenue to sue Australia. There's an exclusion for tobacco control measures, but no solid exclusion for other health measures."

Read the full article here.

US seeks more in TPP on medicine monopolies at APEC meeting

Media Release, 16 May 2016“The US government is making a desperate attempt to placate domestic US corporate and Republican opposition to the TPP implementing legislation by demanding stronger monopolies for pharmaceutical companies and other concessions at a meeting of TPP ministers to be held this week on the sidelines of the APEC Trade Ministers meeting in Peru,” Dr Patricia Ranald, Convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today.

Download the full media release here