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India criticised for putting food security first in World Trade Organisation

By Jemma Williams


India has come under heavy criticism recently for blocking the implementation of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement reached at Bali last December.

Proponents celebrated the Bali ‘package’ as a long-awaited achievement by the WTO, which had failed to reach a significant agreement since 1995. However, critics lamented that the Bali deal was skewed in the favour of developed nations above developing nations (read AFTINET’s critique of the Bali package here).

Radio National: How foreign investors can trump Australian law

This week, the Senate Committee Inquiry has been hearing submissions into the bill proposed by Senator Whish-Wilson to ban the right for foreign investors to sue governments (ISDS) from trade agreements.

Tom Faunce was interviewed on Radio National Saturday Extra programme and is very critical of these ISDS provisions.

Listen to the interview on Radio National here.


Canadian Economist Jim Stanford on the dangers of ISDS

Canadian economist and friend of AFTINET Jim Stanford writes from a Canadian perspective about the dangers of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in trade deals. Canada has been sued some 35 times, for claims totalling into the many billions of dollars, and may be the country which has been most targeted by these clauses.

Stanford writes, "the ISDS system is another potent club with which business can intimidate governments into accepting their economic and political dominance — and punish those which do not."