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Guardian: Trans-Pacific Partnership: a guide to the most contentious issues

The Guardian published an overview of the agreement titled ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership: a guide to the most contentious issues’. They list each of the following issues by sub-heading: Intellectual property, Investment, E-commerce, Medicines and health, Environment, Financial regulation, Labour rights, Tobacco control and Agriculture.


Trade Minister Robb ready to allow foreign investors to sue

Trade Minister Robb has admitted that he is ready to allow foreign investors the right to sue governments as part of the TPP.

The government claims that health and environment legislation have been carved out from the ISDS clauses in the agreement. But this has proved impossible in other agreements, where investors have pursued cases even when there have been so-called exemptions for health and environment laws.

Sign the Global TPP Petition by


Global climate campaigning organisation has released a global petition to the governments involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, calling on them to publish the text of the TPP as it stands now, to reject proposals that would undermine regulatory power, and to oppose this "corporate power-grab".

Sign the petition: 'Say no to corporate power grabs - reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership'