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Community groups slam Trans-Pacific trade deal as talks resume in New York

MEDIA RELEASE January 27, 2015

As secret Trans-Pacific (TPP) trade talks resume in New York, an unusually diverse mix of 47 Australian community groups including public health, environment, union, church, development aid and other groups have written an open letter to Trade Minister Robb citing mounting evidence that the TPP is not in the national interest, and demanding that the text be released for public scrutiny before it is signed.

Tell the Senate Inquiry to end the secrecy on trade deals!

The ALP and Greens have responded to community concerns raised by AFTINET and others and have initiated a Senate Inquiry into Australia’s trade agreement process. Currently all trade negotiations are secret and we don’t see the details until after they are signed. The terms of reference mean we can raise concerns about secrecy and lack of democracy, educate politicians and promotes public debate about these concerns.

It is important that the Inquiry receives as many submissions as possible by February 27 2015, so that it holds public hearings and maximises publicity. Here are some suggested  short points.

Petition to stop Oceana Gold mining company suing El Salvador

Canadian-Australian mining company OceanaGold is suing the El Salvador government  for $US301 million before a World Bank tribunal. because it refused a permit for  a gold mine that would contaminate 60 per cent of the population's drinking water. Step up the pressure by asking  OceanaGold investor  AMP to demand that it drops the case against El Salvador.