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As you know, the Korea Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) contains an insidious ISDS clause, which allows Korean investors to sue Australian governments over policies which they claim to 'harm' their investment.

A Parliamentary Inquiry into the KAFTA was concluded on the 4th of September which, since the Government had the majority on the committee, recommended that the agreement be ratified despite the ISDS clause. (You can read our report on this here).

However, to be ratified, the KAFTA legislation has to be approved by the Senate, where the government does not have a majority.

Senator Penny Wong is the Labor trade spokesperson and the leader of Labor in the Senate. It is critical that we let her know that we want her party to reject the KAFTA implementing legislation.

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Labor did make a minority report which was very critical of the ISDS clauses in the KAFTA, and it remains their policy not to include ISDS in trade agreements. 

However, it will require community pressure for the Labor party implement their policy against ISDS and to oppose KAFTA in the Senate.

Please email Senator Wong now and share the link with your friends.