Submissions still open for the KAFTA Senate Inquiry

The Korea Free Trade Agreement, announced late last year, includes investor rights to sue governments (or ISDS).

Submissions to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) Inquiry into the Korea FTA have now closed, but you can still send a submission to the Senate Inquiry .

The government does not have a majority on the Senate Inquiry. If there are many submissions to the Senate Inquiry, then there will be more ammunition for a full critical debate about the Korea FTA when the implementing legislation goes before the Senate.

To assist with your critical submission regarding ISDS in the Korea FTA, AFTINET has provided some draft points here.

If you made a submission to the recent Senate Inquiry on ISDS using the points provided by AFTINET, you can use the same material for your Korea FTA submission, with slight changes at the beginning to make it clear that the submission is about ISDS in the Korea FTA.

Senate Inquiry submissions should be emailed to to as an attached PDF or Word document, or uploaded here

AFTINET has made a longer submission to the inquiry which covers ISDS and other points.

Download AFTINET's Submission here.

Submissions to the Senate Inquiry close on August 29.

Updated 25/06/2014