Australian media following the TPP leaked chapter


Since WikiLeaks released the draft text of the TPP's intellectual property chapter last week, there have been a number of analysis articles published, including the following:

The New Matilda asked a range of experts including academics, an activist and a public health specialist for their take on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its implications: TPP 'A Substantial Threat To Australian Sovereignty'.

ANU lecturer Ruth Townsend published a piece on The Conversation about Australian sovereignty and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses.
When trade agreements threaten sovereignty: Australia beware

The Conversation also published an analysis of the leaked IP chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what this would mean for the public's intellectual property rights: Regional trade pact puts Australia in ‘absurd’ position, say experts

A Brisbane radio station broadcast an interview with Melanie Walker , the Acting CEO of the Public Health Association of Australia, who spoke on medicines, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, tobacco plain packaging, food labeling and alcohol health warnings.