Audio: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) Seminar in Sydney

The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) hosted a forum in Sydney on the 22nd of October titled “The Trans-Pacific Partnership Endgame: Corporate Rights or People’s Rights?”

Audio recordings are now available for each of our speakers.

End Game: Corporate Rights versus People's Rights?
AFTINET's Convener, Dr Patricia Ranald, speaks about the progress of the TPPA negotiations and what we need to do about in the coming months to campaign for a fair deal (11.04 mins).

Threats to Coal Seam Gas Regulation
Isabel McIntosh is a coordinator for the Lock the Gate movement against Coal Seam Gas mining. She speaks about the need to regulate coal seam gas mining, and the danger posed by investor rights to sue governments to this kind of regulation, which has occurred in Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement (11.51 mins).

Access to Medicines
Jon Edwards from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) speaks about pharmaceutical companies and the TPPA, and how higher medicine prices will reduce access to medicines, especially in developing countries (15.07 mins).

Worker's Rights and Jobs
The President of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, Andrew Dettmer, talks about the TPPA and workers’ rights (9.41 mins).