2013 Media Releases

December 11, 2013: Divisions over US demands prevent final deal at TPP Singapore meeting: negotiations to continue next year

December 10, 2013: Abbott Government caves in to US demands on stronger patents and higher prices for medicines in TPP talks

December 9, 2013: Leaked documents expose deep divisions, Australian positions and US pressure to complete TPP deal in Singapore

December 6, 2013: Trade Minister’s readiness to agree to investor rights to sue governments shows why Trans-Pacific Trade (TPP) text must be released before it is signed

December 5, 2013: Fair trade group condemns inclusion of investor rights to sue governments in Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement

December 5, 2013: Australian Senate and consumers call for release of secret Trans-Pacific Trade text

November 29, 2013: Rally in Martin Place Sydney 12 noon today says no to corporate rights at the expense of peoples’ rights in Trans-Pacific trade negotiations (TPP)

November 28, 2013: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Rally for a FAIR DEAL or NO DEAL

November 25, 2013: Australia should resist US bullying on medicines and investor rights to sue at secret Trans-Pacific (TPP) trade talks in Salt Lake City

November 19, 2013: Secretive TPP Negotiations Move Further Underground in Salt Lake City

November 14, 2013: Leaked TPP text shows deep divisions over US proposals for higher medicine prices as US Congress members oppose Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

October 8, 2013: TPPA leaders’ statement hides deep divisions caused by extreme US demands

October 2, 2013: Rural anti-gas mining groups say no to investors suing governments for environmental regulation as Trans-Pacific trade talks resume.

September 16, 2013: Abbott may cave on foreign investor rights to sue Commonwealth and State governments as secret Trans-Pacific Trade talks continue in Washington

August 24, 2013: US push at Ministerial Meeting fails and tobacco burns Trans- Pacific Trade Deal

August 21, 2013: US push to finish Trans-Pacific trade deal in secrecy resisted by governments and community groups

July 12, 2013: Lib/Lab divide on Trans-Pacific trade issues deplored as Japan joins negotiations in Malaysia

May 11, 2013: Fair Trade Rallies slam demands for higher medicine prices before Trans-Pacific Trade talks resume in Peru

March 4, 2013: US Trans-Pacific trade demands for more corporate rights threaten women