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Crikey: Health experts excluded while big pharma calls the tune


Scoop: Investor rights to sue governments hotly debated

ABC Radio: Auckland hosts trans partnership trade talks

The Age: Free trade talks to avoid legal hurdle NZ media

Triangle TV: Interview with Lori Wallach from US NGO, Public Citizen

Scoop: Gordon Campbell, NZs embarrassing TPPA overtures to the US

NZ Doctor: secret trade deal will affect the cost of health care in New Zealand Protesters condemn secret trade deals

3 News: Business New Zealand defends TPPA talks

The Star: secrecy the standard as Canada enters TPP talks

New Zealand Herald

New Zealand Herald

Scoop: new rule shuts out civil society from TPP negotiation venue

Scoop: TPP negotiators on notice to protect environment

ABC Radio National Drive: 'Auckland Hosts Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks'

TPPA Auckland Round: Free trade talks to avoid legal hurdle
The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 December 2012
Free trade talks to avoid legal hurdle

ABC Radio Australia: Report prior to Auckland Round of TPPA Negotiations, 30 November 2012.

Critical Report on TPPA on ABC Radio National Breakfast show November 22, 2012.

AFTINET Presentation on Philip Morris case and the dangers of Investor State Disputes at TPPA 14th Round:
The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 September 2012, 6.08pm
Big Tobacco warning at free-trade talks

High Court ruling on Philip Morris case and the dangers of Investor State Disputes:
The Conversation, 16 August 2012, 6.43am AEST
Government wins first battle in plain packaging war, by Dr. Kyla Tienhaara.

Herald Sun, August 16 2012, 5:16PM
Plain packaging for tobacco can't be delayed, say legal experts

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