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APRIL 2018

Inside this edition:

  • Introduction
  • Reminder: book now for the AFTINET fundraising dinner
  • AFTINET submission to the Joint Committee and Senate inquiries says no to the TPP-11
  • Trump backflip on the TPP exposes its problems: full parliamentary scrutiny needed
  • Government attempt to cut TPP-11 short inquiries would prevent democratic scrutiny
  • US proposes withdrawal from ISDS, and international investment law expert slams it
  • European Court decision that ISDS is incompatible with national legal autonomy undermines ISDS in the TPP-11
  • Three Canadian mining companies lodge ISDS disputes over Colombian mining ban
  • The Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA)
  • The EU-Australia FTA framework agreement
  • US e-commerce proposal for WTO ignores Facebook data scandal
  • Academics confirm temporary migrant workers more exploited than permanent migrants
  • PACER Plus: debate about Tonga’s signing could mean even more PACER-Minus
  • Report says EU must change trade agreements to ensure climate action

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