Twitter Storm Today - Stop blocking the TRIPS Waiver at WTO - COVID-19 vaccines for all

Message from Medecins Sans Frontières

As you know since the "TRIPS waiver", a landmark proposal to waive intellectual property (IP) on lifesaving COVID-19 drugs, diagnostics and vaccines, was first tabled nearly 10 months ago, the pandemic has worsened in many countries across Africa, Latin America and Asia. And, even though more than 100 countries are now supporting the “TRIPS waiver”, a handful of rich countries continue to stall this crucial process.  

This week  governments will once again meet at the World Trade Organization (WTO) General Council on 27-28 July to discuss this critical waiver. If adopted, the waiver could help to increase the supply of new treatments, vaccines and other medical tools so we can protect everyone in the world from the virus. 

So far, over 100 countries have welcomed and shown support. However, there are still some rich countries, including Germany, Switzerland, UK and Norway, that are determined to shoot the TRIPS waiver down – even though they have bought up billions of doses of vaccines and medicines to treat their own populations.  We need to tell these governments to support the TRIPS waiver and put people over profits.  

Together we want to mobilise the global health movement, online audiences, followers and civil society to tweet a message simultaneously within the space of an hour to put pressure on governments that have blocked the TRIPS waiver proposal at the WTO. This will take place on July 26  just 24 hours before governments meet for the final negotiation of the TRIPS waiver before their summer break. We will tweet @ the Geneva missions/representatives to the WTO as well as to those responsible for the negotiations, asking them to choose which side of history they want to be on in the COVID-19 pandemic and urging them to choose solidarity and support the TRIPS waiver.   

How can you support this? 

  1. Please spread information about this action amongst your audiences today. 
  2. Please join the twitter storm today from 2pm,  with your organizational and personal accounts. 

Australia is an opponent of the request for a monopoly waiver. Encourage Australia to support the waiver by tweeting the message below from 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

@ScottMorrisonMP, @MarisePayne, @DanTehanWannon @GregHuntMP, @AustraliaUN_GVA. Everyone needs lifesaving #COVID19 tests, treatments & vaccines. More than 100 countries support the #TRIPSWaiver - stop blocking it! #NoCovidMonopolies