What's really in the RCEP? - experts discuss

What’s really in the RCEP? - experts discuss - video

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership text was released
on November 15.

The AFTINET Zoom Seminar on December 15, 2020, was our first look at the devil in the detail.

You can look at short 7-9 minute videos of the presentations:

Dr Patricia Ranald, Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network - investment and e-commerce, manufacturing
Dr Deborah Gleeson, Public Health Association of Australia - access to medicines
Damien Kyloh, Australian Council of Trade Unions - workers’ rights, movement of people, govt procurement
Travis Wacey, Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union - trade remedies
Joseph Bradford, Community & Public Sector Union - trade in services
Katherine Tu, ActionAid overview - gender impacts

You can look at the whole 63 minutes here.