Unique t-towels with Tandberg and Wilcox cartoons for AFTINET 20th Anniversary $10 each!

These collectors' items with brilliant cartoons by well-known artists Ron Tandberg and Cathy Wilcox can be displayed as posters or used as t-towels, only $10 each plus postage! 

Postage for 1 T-Towel to an Australian address is $4.65, for 2 - 4 T-Towels  $9.20, for 5 - 8 T-Towels  $12.45 and for 9 - 12 T-Towels $15.70.

For orders greater than 12 T-Towels, maximum postage charge in Australia - $20.

If you are outside Australia, please contact us at campaign@aftinet.org.au to discuss postage cost.

There are four order and  payment options:

1. Pay securely  online directly with PayPal or through PayPal with your Credit Card.

The detailed  options for your order with postage costs are on the PayPal link below

Single or Multiple Purchase


2.  Bulk Buy: Order 10 Tea-Towels and Banners

Bulk Buy: Trade Justice T-Towels


3.  Direct Debit  to our bank account

Fill in and scan the Order Form here and attached below which has our  bank details  and email to: campaign@aftinet.org.au  or post to AFTINET, Level 7, 321 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.


4. Cheque or money order

Fill in the order form here and attached below and  post with cheque or money order to AFTINET, Level 7, 321 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.

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