New video shows the risks of the RCEP for Cambodian communities

September 24, 2019: Social Action for Community and Development, Focus on the Global South and other Cambodian civil society organisations have developed a short video showing the risks that the RCEP poses to communities across Cambodia, including farmers and workers.

Interviews with farmers show how RCEP provisions could lead to cheaper agricultural imports flooding the market, undermining the local agricultural sector. Workers in the garment sector also discuss the impact of trade rules that enable foreign corporations to increase production in Cambodia without upholding labour rights.

Community members also outline the impact of Intellectual Property Rights provisions that increase the cost of medicines, making them unaffordable for many communities across the country. They are also critical of the loss of tax revenue from tariff reductions, which results in governments have fewer funds available for social services.

The video also addressed community concerns about the inclusion of ISDS provisions that give corporations the right to sue governments for policy decisions that impact on their profit. However, in a massive victory for civil society campaigners across the region, Malaysia’s trade Minister Datuk Darell Leiking revealed earlier this month that ISDS provisions have been excluded from the deal.

Watch the video here:

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