New report on ten ISDS cases shows human impacts of corporations suing governments over health and environmental laws

June 25, 2019: A new report "Red carpet courts: 10 stories of how the rich and powerful hijacked justice" published by Friends of the Earth, the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) presents ten ISDS cases that have been filed, threatened or decided since 2015. The report aims to show the human stories behind these ISDS cases. The cases include challenges to health or environmental laws or policies that have been achieved by community struggles for better access to medicines or against toxic pollution.

Three of the case studies are accompanied by videos, which show the activists who have fought toxic mines, a luxury real estate project and dirty oil drilling - and whose community successes are now being challenged in ISDS corporate courts. The first video - on the fight against the toxic Rosia Montana mine and the subsequent $5.7 billion (!) ISDS lawsuit against Romania can be viewed here.