TPP-11 ratification faces opposition in the Chilean parliament, Malaysia taking time to review

April 18, 2019: Following a Bloomberg report that the Chilean parliament had delayed the vote on ratification of the TPP-11 agreement, Luciana Ghiotto reports that there is no parliamentary consensus in favour of the deal. Two parliamentary commission reviews focused on agricultural and labour issues, have rejected the agreement, and it has now been referred to a third commission for constitutional review.

Ghiotto reports that there has been a groundswell of popular opposition and that both major parties, despite a history of support for trade deals, are divided about specific provisions in the TPP, including medicine monopolies and foreign investor rights to sue governments (ISDS). Left and other progressive parties are opposed. Read the full article here.

Malaysia is still in no hurry to ratify the TPP-11 and is reviewing its compatibility with national development strategies.

The TPP-11 has been ratified and implemented by Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. Malaysia, Chile, Peru and Brunei have yet to ratify it.