France presses Morrison on carbon emissions, rules out 'double counting'

Thursday March 28, 2019: French trade officials speaking in Paris have laid out a series of priorities for climate negotiations including getting the Paris agreement "fully implemented", raising national ambitions for carbon cuts and getting more ambitious commitments from the signatories by 2020. This policy will be applied in European Union negotiations with Australia for a free trade agreement.

They said the Group of 20 leading economies – which includes Australia, the US, Japan and Britain as well as France, German, other leading European nations and emerging giants India and China – must take the lead in cutting emissions because they are responsible for four-fifths of global emissions.

The Morrison government has a Paris commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by 26-28 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030, but wants to cut that target to about 15 per by carrying forward the "over-achievement" against past "Kyoto" targets, a tactic comparable nations have ruled out.

"That's what we mean by environmental integrity – real reductions in emissions, no double counting," a French official said.