US opposes Paris climate agreement at G20 as US and China agree to delay tariff war and negotiate

December 4, 2018, The US continued its opposition to the Paris climate agreement endorsed by other governments in the declaration issued by the G20 governments meeting in Argentina on December 2. The declaration also omitted the usual pledge to resist new trade restrictions, presumably to enable the US to endorse it.  The G20 annual forum brings together leaders of the richest economies with some representation from developing countries.

The US and China also held a bilateral meeting at which they agreed to suspend for 90 days the escalation of tariffs due on January 1, 2019, to enable further negotiations. The US imposed tariffs on imports from China and other countries with which it has trade deficits earlier this year. This led to a damaging tariff war, as China and others have responded by raising their tariffs. The agreement to negotiate follows conflict between the US and China at the recent APEC meeting in November.