Parliamentary committee to review WTO procurement agreement - submissions due February 1

3 December 2018: The Australian government has finally made public the terms of its accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) on November 30, 2018, after four years of secret negotiations

Australia’s commitments for Federal and State government departments and agencies to be covered by the agreement have now been tabled in Parliament and there is an inquiry by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties.

The text of the GPA, the Australian  federal and state government procurement commitments of departments and agencies to be covered by the agreement (Appendix 1), and the National Interest assessment from the Department of foreign Affairs and Trade are available here.

Appendix 1 which contains the commitments, is attached to the document called WTO GPA Committee decision.

Submissions close on February 1. We urge those interested to make submissions.

Our concerns are that these commitments may limit the ability of federal or state governments to use local products like steel in government procurement.

See the report of the Joint Select Committee on government Procurement Buying into our Future here.