Sign the open letter for gendered justice in trade

Sign the ActionAid open letter calling for gender-just trade, in light of the specific impacts on women of the #TPP and other free trade agreements.
ActionAid is calling on politicians "to ensure the CPTPP and all future trade deals from this point onward are consistent with the Australian Government’s obligations to uphold women’s rights. As a first step, we call on you to endorse ActionAid’s 10 Principles of Gender Just Trade, which are designed to ensure that trade deals advance gender equality and decent work for all women."

The open letter notes that, "Deals such as the CPTPP have the potential to drive down women’s wages and undermine women’s rights at work in industries like the garment sector, which is made up of nearly 80% women. It would encourage the privatisation of services like health and education, which are essential for achieving gender equality, and gives corporations the right to sue for damages if governments try to take back control."

AFTINET has signed the letter as an organisation.