Community groups urge Labor say no to TPP-11 as unions protest at ALP event in Sydney today

Media Release - 10 October 2018

“The failure of the majority in the Labor Parliamentary caucus to implement Labor policy against the TPP is still being heavily contested within the ALP, as shown by the protest organised today by unions at Bill Shorten’s fundraising event in Sydney”, AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.  

“The government-dominated Senate legislation committee is expected today to recommend in favour of the TPP-11 implementing legislation, with critical remarks from Labor and a dissenting report from the Greens. The TPP-11 implementing legislation is likely to come before the Senate after October 16 when the Committee report will be tabled in Parliament,”

 “AFTINET continues to advocate that the TPP-11 should not be implemented because it includes the following provisions which contradict Labor policy:

“We welcome Labor’s pledge that it would not include ISDS and removal of labour market testing in future trade agreements and would attempt to negotiate changes to the TPP 11 if it wins government.  But in practice a future Labor government, having endorsed the implementation of the TPP-11 in opposition, would have less bargaining power to negotiate such changes with the other 10 governments once the deal is implemented,” said Dr Ranald.

“We call on Labor to join with the Greens, Centre Alliance and other cross-benchers to form a majority to refuse to pass the implementing legislation unless changes to the above provisions are negotiated.”

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