Last chance to tell your Labor and other Senators to say no the TPP-11 legislation

The TPP-11 is a bad deal that gives more rights to global corporations to sue governments, restricts government regulation of essential services and encourages privatisation, lacks enforceable protections for labour rights and vulnerable temporary migrant workers, and lacks enforceable environmental regulation.

The Turnbull Coalition government signed the deal in March 2018, but Parliament does not get to vote on the whole deal, only on the legislation needed to implement it. This legislation is now being reviewed by two Senate enquiries that will report on September 18 and October 15, after which the Senate will vote on the legislation.

The government does not have a majority in the Senate. The TPP-11 implementing legislation can be stopped if the majority in the Senate say no. The Greens, Centre Alliance and other cross-benchers have confirmed that they will oppose the legislation, so there would be a majority to stop it if Labor said no.

The TPP 11 contradicts Labor policy. But the Labor Caucus met on September 11 and a majority decided to support the TPP-11 legislation despite many speaking in opposition. The Shadow Trade Minister says that Labor will not make similar deals if it becomes the government, but the TPP-11 will already be in place.

It will take a flood of messages to change this decision. This is your only opportunity to tell Labor that they should oppose the TPP-11. The message will go to Labor and other non-government Senators in your state. If you have already sent a message, it is now updated and you can send it again.

Send a new message to your Labor and other non-government Senators to say no to the TPP-11 legislation by October 15.