New Senate inquiry into the TPP-11 implementing legislation: please send submissions by September 10

August 30, 2018: The Australian Greens have initiated yet another new inquiry by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee into the TPP-11 implementing legislation (the two Customs Bills introduced into the House of Representatives on August 23). The inquiry website is here.

Submissions are due September 10, and can be submitted electronically on the website or sent to the Committee by email at This Committee will report on October 10.

The terms of reference are the implementing legislation, which is the only point at which parliament has a chance to vote on the TPP-11 at all. Parliament does not get to vote on the whole text, which was only released after it was finalised, and includes ISDS, removal of labour market testing for vulnerable temporary workers and many other dangerous provisions. The AFTINET draft submission which makes those points is here.

We encourage people to resubmit their critical submissions about the content of the TPP-11 made to the JSCOT and the other Senate Inquiry, adding the point that saying no to the implementing legislation is the only chance for parliament to stop a bad agreement.