Malaysian government MPs call for withdrawal from TPP-11

August 27, 2018: Three MPs who are part of the new Pakatan Harapan parliamentary majority in Malaysia have denounced the TPP-11 as “progressive in name only”, and called on the incoming government to withdraw from it, rather than go ahead to ratify it.

Writing in Free Malaysia Today on August 17, 2018, Wong Chen, MP for Subang, Nurul Izzah Anwar, MP for Permatang Pauh, and Charles Santiago, MP for Klang, argued that the TPP “doesn’t add any benefits for the poor, terminally ill, women or even governments”.

They focused on the provisions for medicine patents, and the impact of the threat of Investor-State Dispute Settlement  cases on the progressive polices of the new government, including fairer labour laws, especially for women, and access to medicines.