Tell Federal MPs and Senators: vote NO to TPP-11

TPP-11 vote coming soon - tell Federal MPs and Senators to say no

The original TPP-12 trade deal between the US Australia and 10 other Pacific Rim countries could not proceed after the US withdrew in 2017.

Australia and Japan led the push for the TPP-11 without the US, which was signed in March 2018. Some clauses have been suspended, pending the US re-joining in future. But the deal still gives more rights to global corporations and reduces government rights to regulate in the public interest.

The TPP-11 implementing legislation is now being reviewed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee on which the government has a majority. Community campaigning has also resulted in a Senate Inquiry on which the government does not have a majority.

Parliament will vote on the implementing legislation after both Committees report in August-September 2018. It can be stopped if the majority in the Senate say no.

The TPP-11 is a bad deal that gives more rights to global corporations to sue governments, restricts government regulation of essential services and encourages privatisation, lacks enforceable protections for labour rights and vulnerable temporary migrant workers, and lacks enforceable environmental regulation.

Send a message to your local Federal MP and non-government Senators to say no to the TPP-11