Report says EU must change trade agreements to ensure climate action

April 5, 2018: A report by the French Veblen Institute and environmental groups urges the European Union to make specific amendments to the EU-Canada and other agreements to ensure that trade agreements do not undermine the 2016 Paris climate agreement and that governments make enforceable commitments to implement the Paris agreement. It builds on previous research in both Europe and the US.

The report notes that environmental chapters in the EU-Canada deal and others like the CPTPP are not enforceable.

The report suggests that trade agreements should recognise the primacy of international environment agreements and should enable positive climate change policies. It urges the removal of investor-state disputes policies (ISDS), that have been used to undermine environmental regulation.

The report recommends that the EU should only negotiate trade agreements with governments that comply with the Paris agreement and that failure to do so should result in the cancellation of the trade deal. The EU Trade commissioner has foreshadowed this policy

The report will be presented meeting of the G7 governments in Québec on June 8-9, 2018.