Japan's push for stronger monopolies resisted in TPP-11 and RCEP

January 16, 2018: Bloomberg reports that Japan’s income from monopolies on brands, patents (including medicines) and copyright has jumped by 74% over the past five years to a record high. That is why Japan has replaced the US as the major champion of stronger medicine and copyright monopolies in the TPP-11 and RCEP negotiations.

But the report notes that other TPP-11 governments demanded that some of the worst proposals on medicines and copyright be suspended from the deal and implemented only if the US re-joins. They know that stronger medicine and copyright monopolies reduce access to affordable medicines and increase the rights of copyright holders at the expense of consumers.

Most RCEP governments, led by India, are also resisting Japan’s push for TPP-like proposals on medicines and copyright for the same reasons.

AFTINET and community groups in other countries will continue to pressure governments to oppose stronger monopolies that will increase profits for global companies at the expense of most people. Using so-called free trade deals to increase monopolies is a travesty.