5 Hidden Costs of the RCEP to People and Planet

October 18, 2017: Sam Cossar-Gilbert from Friends of the Earth International has written an article in The Diplomat on ‘5 Hidden Costs of the RCEP to People and the Planet’, using information from The hidden costs of RCEP and corporate trade deals in Asia published last year.

The RCEP is being negotiated by 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. If it goes ahead, the RCEP will cover half of the world’s population. Leaked documents have shown that the RCEP will:

  1. Grant corporations rights to sue governments in international tribunals
  2. Start a ‘race to the bottom’ on environmental and labour standards
  3. Put the climate at risk by increasing trade in fossil fuels
  4. Increase corporate control over agriculture
  5. Reduce the affordability and distribution of life-saving medicines

Next week trade negotiators will meet in South Korea to continue RCEP talks.