TPP-11 talks identify 50 items to suspend or renegotiate

September 25, 2017: Last week the eleven remaining countries attempting to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the ‘TPP-11’) met in Tokyo.

They will meet again in Japan next month, and hope to reach general agreement by November.

Japan’s chief TPP negotiator Kazuyoshi Umemoto has told reporters that the TPP-11 made ‘meaningful progress’. Their aim is ‘early ratification’ of the TPP, in the hopes that the US will return to the agreement ‘as soon as possible.’

Asia Nikkei reported that while Japan, Australia and New Zealand were still trying to minimise changes to the text, at least 50 items had been listed for renegotiation or suspension. These include rules initiated by the US on stronger monopolies on medicines, longer copyright periods, state-owned enterprises and government procurement. Other governments had only reluctantly agreed to these in return for access to the US market.